young jazz musicians of the year


during our stay at molde jazz festival we got elected young jazz musicians of the year by norsk jazzforum and gramo. the prize includes a 150 000NOK grant, a tour around norway and a launch package for our next album. we are truely grateful for this prize and will definately make the most of it!

flow festival 12.08 and oslo jazz festival 16.08 coming up before the september tour.



just a quick update! a couple of weeks ago we played the beautiful vossa jazz, this summer we’ll be playing these festivals (and maybe some more..)

01.07 – mandaljazz
18.07 – jugendjazz, ålesund, norway
20.07 – molde international jazz festival
27.07 – canal street, arendal, Norway
16.08 – oslo Jazzfestival
07.19 – sept tour starts of with Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival